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Page history last edited by Komis Dimitris 8 years, 8 months ago

Welcome to the RSS Graffiti Wiki

This site has been created to serve as a knowledge base for RSS Graffiti users. We will be collecting articles and instructions to help you use the RSS Graffiti Facebook Application and make the best of it.


How to get help and support

This wiki is still very young to be able to serve your needs for help and support. Having directed most of our attention to the development of RSS Graffiti, the pace in which this wiki is growing is still very low.


Nevertheless you are not helpless!


Get Satisfaction

We have created a community in (the famous) "Get Satisfaction" where all users come to submit their questions, support requests and even ideas on how to make the application better. You can visit the community inhttp://getsatisfaction.com/rssgraffiti or directly submit your query in the form bellow. We regularly monitor this resource and try to answer questions or solve problems as soon as possible.



How to contribute


Click the link above to read answers to our most frequently asked questions. The list is being updated as more common questions come in.



Click the link above to see the answers to common problems our users have had


Error/Log Messages

Click the link above to find out about the most common problems reported in RSS Graffiti log messages and ways to overcome those issues.





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