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How to post on behalf of your Fan Page or as yourself

Page history last edited by Chris Kale 9 years, 4 months ago

Publish on behalf of

RSSGraffiti allows you to select the identity on behalf of which the posts will be created. So if for example you own a Fan Page and want your posts to be published on behalf of the Fan Page itself you can achieve this within RSS Graffiti. 


1.) Go to http://apps.facebook.com/rssgraffiti in Facebook.

2.) Locate the Fan Page you want to modify from your List of Pages in the left column and click on it

3.) Find the feed you wish to change the publisher and click the edit button

4.) Click the tab named "More" (last one on the right)

5.) There you can change who you wish to "publish on behalf of" using the available drop-down list ( If you want this feed to be published on behalf of another administrator, please ask them to change this setting themselves) 

6.) Click Save!


Note: You can only publish as a Fan Page as an Application and as an OLD type Group. You cannot publish as a NEW type Group.

Facebook recently changed their Groups Pages giving them an extensive face-lift.

As a result in these Groups you must post as a user now (any of the group Admins) not as the group itself in order for the posts to appear on your Group's wall. Otherwise though Facebook reports that your feeds are published nothing appears on your wall.

This is applicable to new Groups as well as any old Groups which you selected to upgrade.

Please keep in mind that in this case (publishing on Groups as yourself) there is a hard limit imposed by Facebook of roughly 25 maximum posts per any given 24 hours time window.

This limit is counted per user, and accumulated across all the walls that he publishes to as himself using RSSGraffiti. After that you will start seeing error 341 entries in your log file.


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