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Error: Cannot Resolve Host

Page history last edited by Komis Dimitris 10 years, 11 months ago


In the log entries of a feed you see the message: 


An error occured while retrieving the feed. cURL error 6: Couldn't resolve host 'server.domain.com'.



This is actually a DNS problem, which means that we cannot find the IP address of the host where your feed is located.

This can happen either:


  • because you have misspelled the host name in the feed's URL (most probably),
  • or because of a temporary DNS error (i.e. the DNS servers for that site were down at that time).
  • or because there is no DNS entry for the host anymore (i.e. that site seized to exist).



If this happened just once or twice then you probably can ignore the error and assume that the site has not a stable DNS service.

If this error happens all the time then edit your feed and make sure the host name is spelled correctly in the feed URL.

If the feed URL seems correct to you but you keep getting this error then probably the site does not exist anymore. Try visiting the URL with your browser to make sure.



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