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Page history last edited by Yannis Roussochatzakis 10 years, 1 month ago


In the log messages of your feed you see the following warning:


          "The feed appears to be empty." 



RSSGraffiti requested the feed on the URL you supplied, and your server response, was a valid RSS/ATOM source of a feed, but without any entries within it.

As a result no stories were processed or selected to be published on your wall.



If this is the RSS of a newly created blog, or for any other reason, it is normal for the feed to be empty, then no action is required. RSSGraffiti will start picking up your stories, as long as they start appearing in your feed.


Otherwise you may need to investigate why the feed is not containing any items, starting by checking your blog's / website's settings.


If you can see items included in your feed, but RSSGraffiti insists indicating that the feed is empty, please open a support case in our Community Support Page, with the URL of the RSS/ATOM feed, and the Wall where you are publishing it so that we can follow up on your particular case.


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