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In the log messages of your feed you see the following warning:

     "Facebook rejected attachment media on story '{title}'. Retrying to post the story without attaching media."



RSSGraffiti discovered some media (image, video, audio) in this story when reading it from your feed. But when trying to publish it Facebook rejected it, considering one or more of the parameters associated with it invalid or inappropriate. Sometimes more messages in your Log may indicate the exact reason for that warning.



There is nothing you need to do. RSSGraffiti automatically detects this situation and retries to publish the story without the media associated with this warning. 

If this message is appearing often in your feed, then you may want to contact us using our Community Support Page, in order to investigate further on the possible cause of this issue in your particular case.


Known common reasons include:
URLs for your media include spaces. There seems to be a problem with Facebook proxying engine and URLs that contain spaces. Try avoiding including spaces in any part of the path to your media.

Special characters also have been seen to cause difficulties from time to time.


You try to include the RSS feed of one Facebook Page to another. Media in this feed are stored on any of the fbcdn domains. This is no longer allowed by Facebook:

We no longer allow stream stories to contain images that are hosted on the fbcdn.net domain. The images associated with these URLs aren't always optimized for stream stories and occasionally resulted in errors, leading to a poor user experience. Make sure your stream attachments don't reference images with this domain. You should host the images locally. Read more...



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