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In the log messages of your feed you see the following error:


          "Failed to post story '{title}'. Facebook responded with error {number}: '{message}'."



Each method call to the Facebook's API may return an error instead of the expected result due to possible bugs in either the application's code or Facebook's servers. 
The most common errors that you may see in your Logs are:


Error numberPHP Constant nameError descriptionMore Information
1 API_EC_UNKNOWN An unknown error occurred This is a generic error, when something unexpected went wrong. In almost all the cases, it is associated with some Facebook bug, and you should not expect to see it often - and certainly not repeatedly - on your Logs. Usually it is an error that will resolve itself, as long as the underlying issue gets resolved by Facebook.
100 API_EC_PARAM Invalid parameter Facebook posts have quite a few parameters associated with them. This error usually indicates a problem with one or more of the hyperlink parameters (i.e. image, video, audio,etc src and href). RSSGraffiti, tries to recognize the source of this error, and fix or omit the offending parameter, whenever possible.
102 API_EC_PARAM_SESSION_KEY Session key invalid or no longer valid Facebook indicates that the session key RSSGraffiti holds is not any more valid. Session Keys are associated ONLY with user profiles in Facebook. You may have changed your Facebook account's password since the last time you visited RSSGraffiti's configuration Page, or simply you have not provided the offline_access permission and it has been a long time since your last visit, thus the session key we have stored is expired. Keep in mind that RSSGraffiti, once it gets this response from Facebook, no longer tries to use your session key. If this error appeared in your own profile's  Wall, then no more actions that require a session key will succeed for your profile wall until you resolve this issue. If this appeared on any other type of Facebook target, then RSSGraffiti will still try to use valid session keys of other Page, Group, Event or Application administrators, a different one at every check, until it locates a valid one, or runs out of alternative options.
200 API_EC_PERMISSION Permissions error One or more of the required permissions to post content on your Wall are missing. In the vast majority of the times, the permission that is missing is the publish_stream one, which enables RSSGraffiti to post content, comments, and likes to your stream and to the streams of walls you administer (Fan Pages, Events, Applications, Groups).
210 API_EC_PERMISSION_USER User not visible Either this is a non published Fan Page, private Group or Event, or sandboxed (in developer mode) Application, or simply RSSGraffiti appears not to be installed on this target.
341 API_EC_EDIT_FEED_TOO_MANY_USER_ACTION_CALLS Feed action request limit reached

This is associated with some limitations imposed by Facebook, to automated stream stories, published on behalf of a user some time near the middle of the first quarter of 2010. This roughly means that RSSGraffiti can only publish up to 25 stories per any given 24 hours time window, on any of the Wall the user has the permission to write on. This includes a user's own Profile wall, as well as any Event, Group, Page or Application the user publishes stories on his own behalf, using RSSGraffiti. So if RSSGraffiti checks a feed you want to publish on your behalf at 16:00 on Tuesday, Facebook count all the stories that RSSGraffiti published on behalf of your own account limit om Monday 16:01, and only allows as many stories as would increase the total count to a maximum of 25. If that is already reached - there are 25 stories published in that period - no new stories make it to the target wall. RSSGraffiti, aborts publishing, gives you the error message indicated here, and will retry on the next scheduled interval. This is NOT AN RSSGRAFFITI LIMIT  but a Facebook limit. The number may vary according to Facebook - unclear on this issue at least - policies.

Some extra information regarding this notorious error can be found here and here.


A full list of all the know error codes from Facebook can be found here.



According to the different errors indicated in your Logs you can take some actions yourself to resolve the underlying issues.


Error numberWhat you can do
1 As this is most probably associated with some Facebook bug (another one every other time), there is not so much to be done. Check RSSGraffiti Wall, our Status Blog, or our Community Support Page for any related announcements, check the Facebook Platform Live status for any Known issues, and mainly be patient. If the problem persists, for more than a reasonable time for any unexpected bug to get fixed, please use our community support page to get back to us.
100 Usually you do not need to do anything about this error. If tough, this is repeatedly appearing in your logs, then it might be indicating some sort of malformation, or simply incompatibility of some data in your RSS / ATOM with Facebook, or our parsing engine. In that case, Please open a support request in our Community Support Page with the URL of your feed, and the Link to the Facebook wall you are publishing at, so that we can investigate on it further in depth and assist you effectively.
102 Simply logging into Facebook, and accessing RSSGraffiti's canvas page should be enough. If you recently changed your password, RSSGraffiti might ask you to grant the offline access permission again.
200 Simply logging into Facebook, and accessing  RSSGraffiti's canvas page should be enough. The application will recognize all the missing permissions, and will prompt you to grant them. Please remember, that each target (your Profile, Fan PagesGroups or Events, or Applications) have a separate subset of permissions. Thus you need to go the configuration page of the target whose feed's Log contained the related message.
210 You might need to publish the Fan Page, or add RSSGraffiti to the specific Wall, in order for the issue to be resolved. Keep in mind that for Fan Pages, Groups or Events, or Applications that have more than one administrators, you need to coordinate your actions with the rest of the admins. Otherwise for instance, one might be adding the application and granting permissions, while someone else removing it for the same Fan Page on the same time, thus causing confusion and frustration to both, thinking that RSSGraffiti is not following their instructions!
341 Not so much you can do for this error, but to understand the cause of it, and make the best possible use of your limits. A very good hint though, is wherever that is possible, to publish on behalf of the target itself ( Fan PageGroup or Event, or Application) minimizing the effects of the limitations which - for the time being at least - only apply to stories on behalf of users.

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