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Version History

Page history last edited by Yannis Roussochatzakis 8 years, 9 months ago

Version Number

Release Date


1.9.6 Beta  September 30, 2011 This release adapts RSS Graffiti to work with the new Facebook API migration to OAuth. Also fixes minor issues.
1.9.5 Beta December 15, 2010 This is an intermediate release in preparation for RSS Graffiti version 2.0. This release contains the back-end that RSS Graffiti 2.0 will run on, and also incormprates a number of bug fixes that we have done since Beta. Read more about this release on our blog here Beta
November 15, 2010 Minor bug fixes & improvements Beta September 1, 2010 Minor bug fixes & improvements Beta August 23, 2010 Minor bug fixes & improvements Beta July 30, 2010 Minor bug fixes & improvements Beta July 27, 2010 Minor bug fixes & improvements Beta August 2, 2010 Pre-release of the new Tab feature. The actual release will be part of the upcoming 1.9.1 Beta. Beta July 24, 2010 Maintenance release for 1.9.0 Beta.

1.9.0 Beta

July 19, 2010 There is too many new and improved features in this version of RSS Graffit to fit in this small box. Just to name but a few: Media and link discovery in Twitter feeds; Publish on Application Profiles and Events; Publish as Admin; Limit number of posts per page/feed; Twitter oAuth; Revamped feed editor and more.
1.8.7 Beta February 23, 2010 This version improves bit.ly support by allowing you to connect to your own bit.ly account, and also adds important and long awaited scheduling options for your feeds.
1.8.6 Beta February 9, 2010 This version introduces new options specific to Twitter feeds, fixes some bugs (especially the broken "preview" layout in IE), an adds lots of behind the scenes functionality that will allow us to give you more features in less time. 
1.8.5 Beta January 28, 2010 This release is focused on the feed processing engine of RSS Graffiti and aimed at making updates to your feeds 10 times faster than before. It also adds an on/off switch to the user interface which will allow you to pause updates from a feed whenever you need to.

1.8.0 Beta

December 18, 2009 This release adds the ability to preview a feed as it will appear on your wall when published. We hope this will help you customize your feed more easily. We also did some major performance improvements that allow RSS Graffiti to run as fast as possible even when Facebook itself is running over capacity.
1.7.1 Beta November 20, 2009 After introducing full support for Facebook Business Accounts a couple of days ago, we add today the ability to post your feeds to the Facebook Groups you administer! This opens up a whole new range of possibilities for Facebook Groups and RSS Graffiti.

1.7.0 Beta

November 18, 2009 In this release we added full support for Facebook Business Accounts, enhanced the configuration screens, improved media handling and fixed various issues that our users had reported. We also re-enabled the "Share" action link that had disappeared after a recent Facebook policy change regarding story action links.
1.6.1 Beta October 28, 2009 This is a maintenance release containing some minor bug fixes in the user interface and some performance enhancements in the processing engine.

1.6.0 Beta

October 16, 2009 A revamped feed editor is the obvious change in this release, but the real important stuff are the new ability to change your facebook status, the improved discovery and posting of videos from most major video services and the anticipated fix for Twitter feeds. Beta September 30, 2009 Goal for this release was giving you access to the logs created while processing your feeds. We also added the "Share" button your asked for, so your readers can spread your news easily.

1.4.0 Beta

September 9, 2009 In this release we did a major redesign  of the user interface to allow a better experience for our users and enable us to accommodate for the features we are planning for the future.
1.3.1 Beta August 27, 2009 Improved logging, processing engine updates and bug fixes. Beta August 25, 2009 Maintenance release for 1.3.0 Beta.

1.3.0 Beta

August 25, 2009 Bug fixes and a very important restructuring of the processing engine. Beta August 22, 2009 RSS Graffiti appears on Facebook's Application Catalog for the first time.
August 19, 2009 Maintenance release for 1.2.0 Beta.

1.2.0 Beta

August 14, 2009 Took RSS Graffiti out of private beta. Was the first version submitted for inclusion in Facebook's Application Catalog. Beta August 7, 2009 Private Beta. Beta August 5, 2009 Beta July 18, 2009 Beta July 17, 2009
1.0.1 Alpha July 15, 2009

1.0.0 Alpha

July 11. 2009


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