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Application Settings: Twitter Accounts

Page history last edited by Chris Kale 9 years, 3 months ago

Twitter Accounts

You can use RSS Graffiti to publish tweets to Facebook.


What does RSSGraffiti need:

In order to retrieve tweets from tweeter, RSSGraffiti needs you to connect your twitter account(s) (...and of course  to provide a twitter feed)

This is required because twitter has a limitation on the number of requests allowed per user. Thus it is impossible for RSSGraffiti to fetch the feeds of all its users as this limit is just not adequate.

Furthermore, using your twitter account, you can use any restricted twitter RSS Feeds that only your account has access to.

You need to add at least one twitter account at your User account settings to be able to add your twitter feed in any of your walls.

Connecting your account is done using twitter oAuth. We are NOT asking you to give us your twitter password, only to authorize us to use it to retrieve your feeds.


What does RSSGraffiti do:

RSSGraffiti uses the account that is configured for each feed to retrieve it from twitter, and using your configuration settings publishes it on your wall.

Twitter accounts are added per user account. You can add multiple twitter accounts.  Twitter accounts can be used for any Profile, Fan Page or Group a user administers, and for any of the twitter feeds added to these walls.

RSSGraffiti uses a cascading logic to determine which account to use for each feed.

First it checks if a twitter account is specified for the specific feed and uses it.

If nothing is configured it checks to see if a twitter account is selected for the Fan Page / Profile / Group and uses it.

If nothing is found it looks if any accounts are added (by any of the users administering the specified wall) and uses the first available.

If nothing is found it tries to use its own generic account without guaranteed results (due to the requests limitation aforementioned)


How To Configure:


This is done in simple steps:

  1. Add your Twitter Account by going to this page clicking the "Add account" button and following the on screen instructions.
    • Note: Repeat this step for any more twitter accounts you want to add.
  2. Go to each of your Profile / Fan Page / Group settings , to select the twitter account  to be used by feeds published on this wall
    • Note: If you do note complete that step, then any of your twitter account will be used automatically for twitter RSS feeds by RSSGraffiti
    • Note: For Fan Pages and Groups, if none of the administrators completes this step, any twitter  account from any of the admins will be selected automatically by the system if one exists
    • Note: If no twitter accounts can be found by RSSGraffiti, the application will try to use a generic account. This is not guaranteed as this account has a threshold of allowed requests on twitter.
    • Note: The settings on this level act as the default for this Wall. This setting can be overridden at a per feed level.
  3. Add your twitter RSS feed on the desired wall. Just use this link and replace username with your actual Twitter usernamehttp://search.twitter.com/search.atom?from=username or http://api.twitter.com/1/statuses/user_timeline.rss?screen_name=username (note: currently this link is truncating re-tweets)

  4. Configure the RSS feed according to your needs.  
    • Go to any of the Feeds for which you want to define separate settings, and chose the selected twitter account under the section General.
      • Note: This setting overrides your per Page/ Profile/ Group configuration, and if it exists is the one RSSGraffiti obeys.
      • Edit any other options you wish. Some important settings lie in the Schedule and Filter Tabs  
  5. Preview all your settings by clicking on the "Fetch and preview" link. This is an exact - or as close as it can get - preview of the post that will appear on your wall. Modify your settings to get a live preview of the changes before you save them!
  6. Save your feed.  

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