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Feed Editor

Page history last edited by Yannis Roussochatzakis 10 years, 5 months ago

In the Feed Editor you can define a feed and customize the way RSS Graffiti handles it.


The Feed Editor basically asks you for one piece of information: the URL where we can retrieve your feed from. After you enter your feed URL you can use the Feed Preview Panel to preview what the stories from your feed will like on your wall when published.


Feed URL tip

In the feed URL box, you don't necessarily  have to enter the URL where your feed is located. You can also enter the URL of the site (page) where the feed is published. For instance my Twitter feed URL is http://twitter.com/statuses/user_timeline/1896891.rss but RSS Graffiti will be able to locate (discover) my feed, even if I enter my normal Twitter URL (http://twitter.com/rousso) in the Feed URL box. As soon as I press the generate preview button, RSS Graffiti will realize that the URL I entered is not a feed and will scan through the contents of the URL I specified, to locate any feeds referenced there in. If it finds one or more feeds, it will pick the first one and automatically correct the URL entered in the Feed Url Box replacing it with the actual Feed URL it discovered.


Feed Editor Sections

The Feed Editor is divided into the following sections:

General Options: Allow you to define th basic properties of the feed.

Transformation Options: Allow you to transform each feed element before it gets published on your wall.

Filtering Options: Allow you to filter the feed elements that will be published on your wall.

Scheduling Options: Allow to customize the publishing time-schedule of your feed.

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